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About Us

Naturally beautiful, healthy skin is the result of a healthy body and happy spirit. Free radicals, life stress, hormonal imbalance, aging and even seasonal changes will result in problems on our skin.

With decades of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Nalan will offer the secret recipe to improve and maintain your skin, helping it to look younger and radiant. Base on your own body condition, life style, seasonal changes and hormonal condition, we will provide you with the best solution to improve and maintain your skin inside out.

We use the best professional skin care products from New York, to deeply clean, manage, peel, various personalized serums to rebuild your skin cells and gradually rejuvenate your skin. We will create an all-round enhancement of your skin that is moisturized and radiant, free of blemishes, and wrinkles to make you look young forever by providing personalized skin product package! We will provide free consultation for our VIP clients skin care at home.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call right away to make an appointment. Nalan's Rejuvenating Spa is at your service! TEL:408-797-5561